Meditation + Yoga

On December 1st of 2020, I decided to embark on a personal Yoga retreat, which is predicated on practicing Yoga for 100 consecutive days (beyond). In addition to this, I also started a daily mindfulness timeout. 2020 was a year that many of us would like to erase, but I believe there were gems to be found in the rubble. After the dust settled, it illustrated areas of our lives that should be fortified and the mind is the epicenter of it all. Silently join me, if you'd like, as a way to not only connect more deeply with ourselves, but with others and an ever evolving world.

My wellness Journey

I've been a part of the Peloton Community for 3 years. This past year with all of the trials and tribulations, put me in a position where I had to build my mind and strengthen habits by creating an exercise routine, centered in a myriad of areas. Meditation and Yoga have been hallmarks in my approach and I truly believe that we can all become more peaceful, aware and empathetic beings if we spend quality time in solitude.

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