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June 1st, 2020 

The revolution is being televised. Peaceful protests such as the ones occurring all across our nation is sending an impactful, concise and an enormous message to not only our nation, but to White Americans: We are tired and Will Fight for CHANGE.

Knowledge is power and there is a myriad of websites that can educate you, your peers, family and colleagues. You can do your part, in reversing or better yet, fixing the loosely tied bandaid that is barely holding on, regarding structural, systemic racism that has worked against our community (Black Community) for DECADES and DECADES. A community that I’m fond of. A community where many of my brothers and sisters, including myself, fear for our lives, by the hands of the very justice system that is to serve and protect us. 

The Police in this Country, by and large, have been abusing their power and committing heinous crimes that they’ve been allowed to get away with. These vicious acts are a byproduct of hatred which stems from a bias, racist, white privileged state of mind. You can help change the way in which we move forward in this country by speaking out and calling for police reforms and severe action taken against those police that act out against the integrity of their shield.

If you are a White American and you yearn to have a nation that you can be proud of, devoid of racial oppression, stigmas and stereotypes that cast us as villains, please, I desperately urge you, to seek out the representatives of your local government and seek out ways where you can turn what has become our nightmare, into one nation that thrives under the principles that this Nation claims it honors: One Nation, under God, indivisible, with LIBERTY and JUSTICE FOR ALL.

We have a lot of work to do in this country, but we won’t begin to build new foundations, if we don’t first tear down, eradicate and terminate the old, current ideological decay which lingers from the past and which still lingers today.

VOTE (in the upcoming local and Presidential election). THAT has and will always be the best way to ENFORCE change.

Sincerely and unapologetically,

Samuel Muriithi

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