Listen, Love, Learn.

Explore, Evolve, Emit.

Encourage, Uplift, Commit.

Inspire, Take Action, Believe.

Share, Take Interest, LIVE.

The Wind

  We are currently living in unprecedented times. The world has paused as we’ve been left to figure out “what’s next?”. These are times where we must lean on the pillars of virtues that, to be quite frank, we’ve forgotten to exhibit from time to time: Patience, Grace, Faith, Empathy and Trust. We need our families and friends more than ever and most of all, we need each and every soul to get through this together. Hardships either bring out the best in us or the very dreadful caricature of our darker self. With prayer and with each other, we can grow, uplift and conquer any obstacle together.

There are so many distractions in this day and age, which have devalued some of the true characteristics of the human experience. We have been far too consumed by social platforms, chasing the carrot of; vying for acclaim, attention, “Love” and what we fail to understand is, while those things are nice, they can never truly heal what ails you. Those things will not inspire change of habits or true fulfillment on this earth. When we understand that all of us are spokes on a wheel and our energy is essential in the development of a happier world, WE ALL WIN.

Take the time to smile at a stranger, share a word of encouragement, surprise an old friend or a burgeoning friend with a word of love, encouragement. Make conversation for no reason other than to make someone feel appreciated and so that we also don’t lose the ability to converse with people we don’t know.

This world is moving faster than the A-Train during rush hour, so it’s important that we take the time to center ourselves, prioritize the truest things in our lives that are connected to our foundation. Make time for others. Avoid rushing to judgement. Accept the “random acts of kindness” people bestow upon us. Unplug.

Lastly, don’t let the gravitational pull of social media, by virtue of comparing others highlight reels to your moments, darken your world view and purpose in life. Don’t allow yourself to be dehumanized by the noise.

I wish you all Peace, Love, Light and Guidance,

"Our existence will always be about love and our actions rooted in grace and selflessness, which keep it ignited. Authentic human relationships and interactions can never be replaced by technology. If so, love dies. " 

-Samuel Muriithi

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